daijoubuda, mondainai


I’m a Thai grad student with professional interests in quantum information and computation with foundational bent and physics of information. Other interests are math, especially representation theory and probability theory, evolution, mind, learning, self-improvement, happiness, vipassana (mindfulness or insight meditation), and drawing.

This site is a diary of events and ideas. I like to keep a journal of my thought and experience so that I can look back to it in the future. That is what the blog page is about. (Most of them will probably be written in Thai, so that my family can read them! Exceptions abound though. Some things deserve to be known much more widely.) I also want to have some kind of seed for my thought to grow on and crystallize, so there is the notebooks page, where I’ll keep adding what I learn bit by bit, One Quantum at a Time, to my notes (all in English).

This site further holds my fearsome awesome creations, such as my self-portrait (?) on the right. More in the gallery.

Some software and services that I use: Calibre, Dropbox, Goodreads, Google Drive, Google Keep, Lyx, MyPaint, NewsBlur, Paperscape, Pocket, Reveal, Skim, TiddlyWiki, Zotero

My Goodreads and Zotero library

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